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Isabelle Hodes - Weeds Wiki
Played by: Allie Grant

Nicknames: Isa-belly, Belly

Alias: ---- "The face of Huskeroos"

Occupation: Student - Huskeroos clothing model

Signature look: Huskeroos clothing

The Hodes
: Youngest daughter

Strengths: Loyal to dad, stands up to Mom's criticism

Chocolate and any other foods, other girls

Isabelle's story: ----

FAMILY: The Hodes
Isabelle Hodes - Weeds WikiName Celia Hodes
Isabelle and Celia hate each other.

Isabelle Hodes - Weeds WikiName Dean Hodes
Isabelle and Dean are very close.
Isabelle Hodes - Weeds WikiName Quinn Hodes
What we know about their relationship:
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What we know about their relationship:----

Isabelle Hodes - Weeds WikiName- Shane Botwin
Backstory: Shane went to ATM summer school with Isabelle and smoked pot with her in "which he felt her boob.
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Isabelle Hodes - Weeds Wiki
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  • "I had to throw my underpants into the woods. They call me **** girl now."(Episode 1.3)
  • (Isabelle is standing on the scale.) Celia: "You've been sneaking food...." Isabelle: "No I haven't, I swear. Celia: "Then Congratulations, you must be pregnant."

  • Isabelle: "Dad, you know the Harry Potter books that we read?
  • Dean:Love them all, Love Harry Potter.
  • Isabelle: Mom is Voldemort. Don't you know that? You may have reduced her to vapor now, but she is out there. Gathering her strength, andshe will be back. Don't you know that?
  • Isabelle: "There was a used condom in my bed." Celia: "That was not a condom." Isabelle: "Then what was it? Celia: "A plastic wrapper." Isabelle: "With a reservoir tip?"
  • Celia: "Didn't you like getting Manicures?" Isabelle: "You wouldn't let me get the color I wanted." Celia: "Black is not a color." Isabelle: "Tell that to black people." Celia: " I don't know any."
  • Isabelle: " I love Peggy and she loves me." Celia: "She's a little Asian girl - they look like boys already. You might as well go for the real deal." Peggy: "Hey! I have boobs." Celia: "Those are not boobs."
  • Isabelle: " I knew it wouldn't last." Celia: "What?" Isabelle: "The new and improved you. You're feeling better aren't you? You're not going to die." Celia: "No, I'm going to live for a long, long time. The doctor's say I'm doing really, really well." Isabelle: "You know, Maybe you should double check just to be sure. Mean there's still some chance you'll die right?" Celia: "Why would you say that?" Isabelle: "Cause when you think you're going to die you're a much better person."
  • Isabelle: "Mom I want to be a model." Celia: "Get an eating disorder and then we'll talk."

  • Isabelle:"oh please. that ***** will out-live us all." about Celia after she falls down at excercise class.

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  • Isabelle is a lesbian

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