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Played by: Mary-Louise Parker

Nicknames: Nancy Pants, Suburban Baroness of Bud, Snowflake, The Godmother, MILF, Barbie, Blanca

Alias: Lacy LaPlante (Québec, Canada)

Clandestine Alias: Nathalie Newman (Seattle, Washington)

Occupation: Widowed Soccer Mom, Pot Dealer, Hotel Maid

Signature look: Stretch jeans, blousey tanks or tees, heels, wavy, tousled hair. More on Nancy's Style...

The Botwins: First husband - Judah Botwin died suddenly of a heart attack. Mother of Silas
(aged 15-19) and Shane (aged 10-14) Botwin. Also accommodating for her deceased husband's troublesome, but at the same time, fun-loving brother, Andy Botwin. After having an affair with Mayor Esteban Reyes, she becomes pregnant with her third son, Stevie-Ray Botwin (whom she steals without Esteban's consent, as the Botwin family relocates to Seattle, Washington.)

Other spouse(s):
Second husband - DEA agent Peter Scottson who died in the latter; Third husband - Mayor of Tijunia (in Baja California, Mexico)/drug dealer, Esteban Reyes. Nancy and Esteban are currently separated.

Christian (though her initial husband and brother-in-law are culturally Jewish.)

She is a very understanding parent and a very strong woman who is relentless in whatever she sets her sights on.

Although quite the entrepreneur, she encounters a lot of business failures and bad luck. A mixture which, undoubtedly, would lead to debt. She also makes really bad decisions - she seems to act before she thinks things through. She is also not a reliable mother and does not always put her family first (though she tries deeply to), which leads to some unfortunate consequences (i.e., her youngest son, Shane, lost his virginity in a threesome to two school girls when he was 13 years old), to which Nancy reluctantly finds out about.

Nancy's story: A widowed mother of two and after her husband, Judah Botwin, passed away of a sudden heart attack, Nancy is left with a house and two children to support. So, whether it be wise or otherwise, she resorts to becoming a marijuana dealer.

Nancy's biggest fan?

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Judah BotwinJudah Botwin
Deceased husband
What we know about their relationship:
The references made to Judah throughout the multiple seasons of weeds suggests that everyone loved Judah. The kids (Shane and Silas), Nancy, Uncle Andy even non-family members would make references to what a respectable man he was.

Silas BotwinSilas Botwin
Eldest son
What we know about their relationship:
Nancy and Silas have a very strong mother-son bond, which has grown stronger through the seasons. Trying her hardest to keep Silas out of trouble and in school, Nancy has pushed Silas through a series of rough patches while dealing juvenile delinquency, abortion, and vandalism, all while trying to keep him away from the "family business". In Season 3, while serving out community service, Silas begins dealing. In season 4 Silas learns to grow and starts his own grow house with his much older girlfriend.
Shane BotwinShane Botwin
Youngest-turned-middle son

What we know about their relationship:
At first the show portrays Shane as being 'The Weirdo' of the family, meanwhile gives the impression Nancy is worried about Shane's unusual and, at times, offensive behavior. In latter seasons, Shane murders his mom's husband's (Esteban) campaign manager - who set up an attempt to get a shooter to kill Nancy but accidentally shoots Shane in the arm - as she threatened Nancy by the pool deck that by killing him and Silas would gain a sympathy vote for Esteban being elected as governor of Baja California, Mexico. Shane's murdering leaves Nancy speechless.
Stevie-Ray Botwin
Youngest son (Not related to Judah.)

What we know about their relationship: In ways, Stevie saved Nancy's life. At first, Esteban attempted to have Nancy murdered, but once he discovered that she was pregnant with his son, he wanted her to give birth to him. Nancy considered abortion, but did not proceed and decided to keep him. The reason that Stevie's last name is "Botwin", as oppose to Reyes, is because it would disrupt his run as governor if voters knew he was having a baby. The family, including Andy and even Nancy herself become heavily concerned, when Esteban said he didn't want Stevie to have a birth certificate and to give birth straight at home (in a breathing room) instead of a hospital.
Andy BotwinAndy Botwin
What we know about their relationship: Andy is portrayed both as 'The Cool Uncle' to the Botwin children, and as somewhat of a 'freeloader' to his sister-in-law. While attempting to assist Nancy with the upbringing of her fatherless children, not to mention coping with her late husband's passing, Andy, at times, does more harm than good. Prompting to Nancy's absence a mother, Andy becomes a more responsible legal guardian in later seasons. After Nancy's affair, to which she becomes pregnant, Andy calls Nancy an "irresponsible slut who slept with a Mexican junkie." He told Nancy that it is unsafe to leave in the house - alleging that Esteban and Pilar will set up an attempt to kill the family after she gives birth to his child - and suggested to take all of the money in Judah's bank account, take the kids along on a run up north, and to have an abortion. Nancy, however, spends the next six months moving in Esteban's house, with Shane and Silas, and has the baby, to which she signs Andy's name on the birth certificate (as Stevie's father.)
Peter Scottson | Martin Donovan WeedsPeter Scottson (RIP)
DEA Agent
Relationship status: Husband number 2
- marriage ended due to his murder
Backstory: Met when Shane bit Peter's son's foot in a karate tournament. Married him to ensure that he would never be able to testify against her for being a pot dealer.
Pivotal episodes: S1 E10, S2 E12, S3 E8

Nancy Botwin - Weeds WikiConrad Shepard
Nancy's Business Partner / Botanist
Relationship status: Business Partners and Sexual Relationship - possibility of more, if Nancy did not have to flee at the end of season 3
Backstory: With a constant underlying tension, many fans of Weeds believe this is simply a 'budding' relationship that is just around the corner. The pinnacle came in season 2, when Nancy and Conrad actually kissed while at the grow house. However, when questioned about it later, Conrad replied, "It's just business between us. Always has been."

Pivotal episodes: S2 E11

Nancy Botwin - Weeds WikiSullivan Groff
Nancy's Boss / Developer for the Majestic Community
Relationship Status: Sexual Relationship - ended
Backstory: Nancy started to work for Sullivan as his assistant. But Sullivan soon wanted more (as in sex) i don't think he will ever want a relationship out of Nancy but i do think they will do it more.

Nancy Botwin - Weeds Wiki | Official Weeds FansiteEsteban Reyes
Mayor of Tijuana in Baja California, Mexico / Arms and Drug Lord
Relationship Status: 3rd Husband/ Father of Nancy's 3rd child
Backstory: Esteban Reyes is the mayor of Tijuana (running for governor now), who secretly worked as a drug, arms and human trafficker and dealer. He has a romantic relationship with Nancy Botwin and at the end of season four, found out that she was pregnant with his child. In season 5, their son is born and then he marries Nancy.

Andy BotwinAndy Botwin
Pot dealer
Relationship Status: Brother-in-law, but at times, has feelings for Nancy.
Conrad Shepard | Romany Malco WeedsConrad Shepard
Cannabis Botanist
Status: Business partner
Backstory: Heylia James' nephew. Conrad urged Nancy to 'think bigger', and helped with cultivation, the grow house.
Nancy Botwin - Weeds WikiCelia Hodes
Aggrestic City Council, PTA President - Employee at Maternity cover store
Relationship status: Pain in the Butt, Selfish b*tch
Backstory: Sneaky woman, who tries to get her way however she can. Crazy and mean, treats her friends and family horribly. In season 3, she takes the fall for the grow house and is sent into jail (being framed, as a result of letting Nancy borrow her house to grow pot.) She is let out in season 4, where she works for Nancy in the Maternity cover store and becomes addicted to cocaine and is sent to rehab.
Maulik Pancholy | Sanjay WeedsSanjay
Pot Seller
Relationship status: One of Nancy's Seller's - Employee at Maternity cover store
Backstory: Silas' tutor. Nancy recruits him as a seller to hit the college market. Is gay, and was mercy ****** by U-Turn's friend Clinique, whom he impregnated and is now living with and raising their child. In season 4, both he and Clinique were helping Nancy out and working in the Maternity cover store.
Nancy Botwin - Weeds WikiValerie Scottson
Relationship status: Peter's Ex-Wife
Backstory: Nancy's stalks her and becomes her friend. Valerie hires a private investigator who ends up blackmailing Nancy for insurance money. She is a complete b*tch.
Nancy Botwin - Weeds WikiDoug Wilson
CPA, Aggrestic City Council,
Relationship Status: Nancy, Dean and Andy's Friend - Customer of Nancy
Nancy Botwin - Weeds WikiDean Hodes
Relationship Status:
Nancy, Doug and Andy's Friend - Customer of Nancy
Buys weed from Nancy, Married to Celia Hodes, cheats on her, and she cheats on him with Doug thus they separate. Gets fired from his job but then becomes his daughters manager (a Huskaroos model) and in season 4 moves away to turn around his life and work as a lawyer. Not much is seen of him in season 4 and is no longer a main character in seaosn 5.
Nancy Botwin - Weeds WikiName: U-turn
Occupation- Thug and Pot Seller

Backstory: Bad Ass, threatens Nancy and takes control of her oportaion and forces Conrad and Heylia to grow for him versus in a partnership with Nancy as they all owe him a debt now. Is killed in season 3 by his thug buddy.
Nancy Botwin - Weeds Wiki | Official Weeds FansiteName: Josh Wilson
Occupation: Student and Pot Seller

Son of Doug Wilson, is gay and caught in bed with one of Nnacy's neighbors after seeing him preform oral sex in the neighbor's hot tub. Is only introduced in season 1, episode 1, but is refered to as Doug's son through out the next 4 seasons. Nancy's first customer we meet in the first season.
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Nancy Botwin | Mary-Louise Parker WeedsClick EasyEdit to add your favorite Nancy quotes (cite episode, if possible).

  • "People got stoned for The Passion of the Christ? That's disturbing." (Episode 1)
  • "I'm the suburban baroness of bud, Nancy."
  • "I'm not a dealer, I'm a mother who happens to distribute illegal products through a sham bekery set up by my ethically questionable CPA and his lawyer friend."
  • "You've made your bed now f*ck in it."
  • (Talking to Celia): "I don't give a flying f*ck if you do have cancer, put your t*tties away in front of my kid [Silas]."
  • (Talking to Andy): "Get in there and finish frying your eggs, and think of a menu that includes pork-wrapped items. And wash your hands! All I need now is for the boys to eat heroin eggs for breakfast."
  • Cop: "I thought you were getting your husbands ashes?" Nancy: "I forgot...We buried him."
  • "Nice, Shane goes on a paint rampage [and] gets suspended. The two of you ditch school to f*ck in my guest room. I've got everything under control."
  • (Talking to Silas): "Please tell me I didn't just hear that you had cybersex with a fifteen-year old deaf girl."
  • "Andy, this is my business, it's nothing to do with you. Go downstairs and do what you do best, patrol the couch in your underwear."
  • "Thug means never having to say your sorry..."
  • "Silas, don't swear at your brother, Shane; don't antagonize Tara; Tara, keep savin' it for the Lord!...Where the f*ck is Andy?!"
  • " I'm a drug dealer, there, I said it. I'm a f*cking drug dealer."
  • "Judah, If you're still here...I tried."
  • Guillermo: "It's the circle of life." Nancy: "Hakuna Matata"
  • (To Celia): "Fine. If we regroup the group, you'll be in the group."
  • "I started selling so I could maintain my lifestyle...Not dismantle it."
  • Nancy: "Let me rephrase. You sold me ******** skank weed. And I can't move it and I want a refund." Heylia: "And I want an a*s like Beyonce's. Ain't nether of us gettin' what we want."
  • (After tripping Shane's school bully, Deven, at soccer practice): "Deven, honey, you should really watch where you're going."
  • "I believe my brother-in-law's exact words were, "Dude, meed the finest jit with the finest ****."
  • (To Doug): "Unless you want to go back to buying ditchweed from your house keeper's cousin, I suggest you put away the pipe, hide the open bag of pot and get your head out of your a*s. What are you thinking?"
  • (To Doug): "She's from Ananeim not Bangkok, it's not like she can shoot tennis balls out her ****."
  • Conrad: "Are you calling all black people stupid?" Nancy: "And lazy and they also steal." Heylia: "But we sings and dances real good."
  • Nancy: "I just heard a ten-year-old got busted. A ten year old! You're a ******* liar." Josh: "The kid told me he wad 37."
  • Nancy: "Give me a little respect, I'm the biggest game in the private community of Agrestic." Haylia: "Drugs sell them selves biscuit, you ain't ****."
  • Celia: "Have you ever had sex with a woman?" Nancy: "None of your business." Celia: "Oh come on, tell me..." Nancy: "Okay, I slept with a woman in college once." Celia: "How was it?" Nancy: "Boring." Celia: "Well, maybe you didn't do it right." Nancy: "She said it was the best she'd ever had." Celia: "What are you doing Friday night?"
  • Conrad: "How you doin'?" Nancy: "Me? If this doesn't work out, I could end up being the oldest Gap employee in Southern California."
  • Nancy: "But most of all, I didn't Xerox your license and put it in a state controlled databank." Doug: "What? I'm in a databank?" Nancy: "You sure are. So when your wives find out and divorce you, they'll get custody of your children because their overpriced attorneys will be able to prove you're nothing but a bunch of irresponsible pot heads who can't be trusted? Doug: "I'm in a databank?" Dean: "Celia would have a field day with that." Doug: "I...I...I'm up for Council re-election. I can't be linked to any pot clubs. Any of you guys know any good hackers?"
  • "I know, you're thinking 'she doesn't look Jewish.' I come from welsh stock, actually. Lotta coal-miners in Wales, not a lot of Jews."
  • Nancy: "Talk to Shane about jerking off." Andy: "I'm all over it."
  • (Nancy is banging on a pot and singing horribly, "Pally Wally Doodle", into the microphone): Shane: "Stop, you have to stop." Andy: "Yeah, yeah stop." Nancy: "Not until Silas comes out. This is my invasion of Panama." Shane: "Like when we got the canal?" Andy: "No, what do they teach you in school?" Shane: "How to pass the weekly standardized test to get the school more funding."
  • (To Shane): "Go to your mediocre public school."
  • Nancy: "There's global warming, unless you want the planet to dissolve in one big ocean." Shane: "Global warming is just God's will. I liked the Range Rover, that car is gay!!" Nancy: "Don't be ignorant just because it's in right now."
  • (Talking to Sullivan about the assistant job): "Oh, I don't do porn so much anymore. I found it very tiring."
  • Nancy: "Oh Jesus, you scared me." Celia: "Good. I hope you peed your panties...Where is he?" Nancy: "Who?" Celia: "All right, I guess you have to ask that. (Begins imitating Nancy) 'Who Celia? The one who called you a drunk at a public assembly or the one who stole civic property?'" Nancy: "I have no idea what you're talking about!" Celia: (Pulling a tape from her bag): "I have Silas, on video, stealing." Nancy: (Nancy takes the tape, throws it, and smashes it with her shoes) "Oh not today!" Shane: "Mum, we're gonna be late." (He, then, sees Celia with a gun.) Nancy: "Where the hell did you get a gun?" Celia: "I've borrowed it from pen. (Celia reluctantly shoots into the wall and gets overly excited) Oh my God!" "I only had one bullet, I was gonna shoot Doug. I'll see you at graduation." (She, then, takes her bag and leaves.)
  • Kat: "Kat!" Nancy: "Yow lost your cat?" Kat: "I'm Kat. You're Nancy, right?"
  • Silas: (On the phone with his mom): "Hi Nancy." Nancy: (While U-Turn and the Armenians are pointing their guns at her) "Hi...did you take something that doesn't belong to you?" Silas: "I want in." (Nancy sighs; Silas has her weed in the back of his car; and Celia arrives in a police car.) Celia: "That's him! That's the little ****** who stole my cameras! Arrest him!" Silas: "****" (Silas hangs up, while five guns point at her...)
  • Nancy: "I've got bills! How am I supposed to put food on my table if you keep upping my debt!" U-Turn: "Get a f*cking job."
  • "Hola, U-Turn sent me. I'm supposed to pickup a package. (The barman stares) U-Turn...Para Obtengo el Paqueto...(Keeps staring) "Any chance you speak French?"
  • Nancy: "Tim's kind of a ********." Valerie: "F*ck you, I love my son." Nancy: "I'm sorry. Of course you do." Valerie: "I love my ******** son."
  • Silas: "I'd like my phone back." Nancy: "No, as I told you before, I've other plans for you. Coming with me to the growhouse tomorrow." Silas: "Should I be excited about this, or is this like, punishment?" Nancy: "This is also like, a way to learn about a business from the ground up. Literally, this is also like, away to keep you occupied so you don't, like, go off and do something else, like, stupid. Like get it?"
  • (To Silas): "We don't **** where we eat...or eat where we ****...either way. Words of wisdom."
  • Shane: (To Silas) "That's right, I'm a big *** so you can suck my d*ck. Please can I come with you, Mom?" Nancy: "No, honey. I need some alone time and you just told your brother to suck your d*ck. Gross!"
  • Andy: "Are we gonna die tonight?" Nancy: "Probably not." Andy: "Still, we could. Let's say thoughtful things about each other." Nancy: "You're a good person. You've really stepped up for the kids. You make me laugh. I'm glad you're part of the family." Andy: "I miss Yael." Nancy: "Thank you, Andy. That's very sweet."
  • Guillermo: "I had to smother a guy with a pillow once. My arms got tired. You?" Nancy: "Not so much. It was Tempurpedic. Conformed to her face."
  • "Oh you think there's a tiny little immiarant stuffed in my lipstick?"
  • "I've had a particularly challenging last 24 hours, but in the drive-through at Popeye's, I found myself saying, 'Family Combo, please!', and it was a moment of clarity."
  • Celia: "I want my tooth back." Nancy: "You don't get your tooth back. I keep your tooth. I drill a tiny hole in it and wear it around my neck. I become your God."
  • (To Celia): "Try not to look Homeless...."
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  • Nancy needs reminded of what item that does not come with batteries? (Season 1)
  • What Cherry did Nancy get popped in Season 1?
  • What is like a pyramid?
  • The first part of Botwin: "Bot" refers to Botany, the science of plants. The second part, "win", refers to her winning; or being very good at dealing. Botwin is also a Jewish last name.
  • Nancy is blood type O+.
  • The Japanese Blood Type Personality theory states that people with type O blood have the following traits:
    Best Traits: Agreeable, sociable, an optimist.
    Worst Traits: Vain, careless, ruthless.


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Im thinking that Nancy is drawn to the idea of controlling her own destiny. Not having her husband around anymore forces her to face her own nature, and through each sucessful flirt with a dangerous situation, her ability to overcome and adapt to it's challenge, ups her ambition for how far she feels compelled to push herself the next time. It has come to the point now where she has formed an alliance with the biggest dog around because, as we know, when you are the mate of the alpha dog, you become the alpha bitch... and no one can touch you. The petty battles she once had to fight alone, she no longer needs to fight. The only question is, can she maintain her status, sanity, family, and any semblance of independance in this new lifestyle? We shall see. I for one, am excited.
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I just love you on this show. I can NOT wait for season 5. Is it really not until next summer? Good luck and may you collect an award this year.
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Dear Mary-Louise, I love you. You are a superb actress, and I hope you win an Emmy Award for your fourth Weeds season performanes. If you don't win, I still love you! Your geezer friend, Dave Murphy.
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