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Silas Botwin - Weeds Wiki
Played by: Hunter Parrish

Nicknames: Silbot

Alias: Judah (fathers name)

High School Student---Part time salesman

The Botwins

Strengths: -Great salesman

Emotional attachments

Silas' story: Thinks he needs to prove he can take care of his family

FAMILY: The Botwins
Silas Botwin - Weeds WikiNancy Botwin
What we know about their relationship: Nancy sometimes doesn't know what to do with Silas, especially when he was going through his rebellious stage. Silas was adamant from Season 2, when he found out that his mom was a dealer, that he wanted in. At first his attempts were unsuccessful, but after he was sentenced to 6 months of community service for stealing Ceila's security cameras and signs for a drug free zone. Nancy realizes he will keep trying to be a part of the business and under pressure with Peter's ex partner keeping an eye on her, She finally gives in which opens up a whole new market for her business.
Silas Botwin - Weeds WikiShane Botwin
Kid brother
What we know about their relationship: From the beginning, Shane and Silas seem to be pretty close for brothers, though of course they do have their disagreements. Even though Silas sometimes sees Shane as the annoying kid brother, he would do anything to protect him. Silas was the first one to suggest to Shane th
Silas Botwin - Weeds WikiAndy Botwin

Uncle of Silas Shares feelings of being left out of business
Silas Botwin - Weeds WikiJudah Botwin
What we know about their relationship:----


Silas Botwin - Weeds WikiQuinn Hodes: Daughter of Ceila Hodes Only in the first episode of the series and not mentioned much afterward. Quinn and SIlas are caught having Sex and soon after shipped off to a All Girls Private School.
Silas & MeganMegan
Backstory:We first hear about Megan from Ceila in a comment to Nancy about rumors she gives good head. A few episodes later we meet her in a abandoned house with Silas she is spray painting the rumor herself, after Megan spray paints Silas' penis blue, they started dating. The fact that Megan was deaf didn't put him off and this was the first girl that Silas really loved. They broke up for a while as Silas was convinced by his "friends" that other girls were better. They eventually got back together after Silas told her he was being an *******. Throughout their relationship however they disagreed many times, resulting in one walking away from the other but they would reconcile pretty quickly. Once Megan found out she was pregnant, Silas was ecstatic, even though they were young, he thought they had a change to make it work. Megan's parents disagreed and forced her to go to an abortion clinic. Megan's dad wouldn't let Silas see her which resulted in Silas breaking into her house and stabbing her father with glass and her father punching Silas. They have not seen each other since.
Silas & TaraTara Lindman
Backstory: Silas met Tara at a bingo night at the elderly home and the next day they got high and kissed. Even though Tara is a devout Christian she likes to get high, declaring that God wants her to smoke pot because it was made by him. She soon starts dealing for Nancy and becomes Top Seller. Soon after Silas finds out she is seeing another guy and wants her out of the business, of course Nancy refuses. He tries to mend the relationship but soon realizes that they were too different. It all comes to an end on the Final episode of season 3 when she runs into a burning House to save a cross. Silas declares he is so "over her" when he sees her on the news answering the question, "Why did you risk your life going into that building?" She replies, "Jesus told me to do it."
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Silas Botwin - Weeds WikiName- Sanjayc

Silas Botwin - Weeds WikiName- Conrad Shepard


Silas Botwin - Weeds Wiki
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  • "Why do you have a home pregnancy test?" (s02e05)
  • "Mom, what you do and all, I'm cool with it."

    • Nancy:"How did this happen?" Silas: "You don't want to know." Nancy: "Oh but I do!" Silas: "If I had to bet on it I'd say it was weeks ago, my room, doggy style, when I pulled out the condom was gone. Megan has really strong muscles, must have sucked the thing right off...... Nancy: ".....Ah ah ah stop stop stop!" Silas: "You asked. You want to be the cool Mom." (S02e5)

    • "The good Christian people of Agrestic like to get baked.
    • Early on, soon after Shane had crashed throgh in the Botwin's (Nancy's) bedroom, Nancy caught Silas and Megan in her bed together. Nancy said she would not have this going on under her roof, to which Silas replied, but Mom, there is no roof.
      "Hay mom, I just wanted to let you know that next year I'm dropping out of school and moving to New Jersey."
    • (to Nancy) " You may not take 'em, but you sure do sell 'em."
    • Silas: "Come on! Think of the time this will save us on foreplay. All you have to do is wisper "shoot me in the optimum kill zone" and i'll be good to go." Quinn: "I could whisper linoleum and you'd be good to go."
    • (Written in Graffiti on a wall) " I'm sorry. P.S. My maid thinks I ****** a Smurf."
    • Silas: " I'm never getting married, it's death. Andy: "You're a little young to have reached that conclusion." Shane: "How come you're not married, Uncle Andy?" Andy: "Because it's death."
    • "All women are evil lying *******, but I'm trying to be the good big brother here, so when she kicks the **** outta your heart, i;ll buy you a beer with my fake I.D."
    • Silas: (on the phone with Nancy) "Hi Nancy." Nancy: (while U-Turn and the Armenians are pointing their guns at her) "Hi... did you take something that doesn't belong to you?" Silas: "I want in." (Nancy sighs, Silas has all her weed in the back of his car, Celia arrives in a police car.) Celia: "That's him! That's the little ****** who stole my cameras! Arrest him!" Silas: "****" (Silas hangs up. Nancy has to hang up too, Five guns pointing at her...)
    • Silas: " I'd like my phone back." Nancy: "No, as I told you. Coming with me to the growhouse tomorrow." Silas: "Should I be excited about this, or is this like, punishment?" Nancy: "This is also like, a way to learn about a business from the ground up. Literally. This is also like, a way to keep you occupied so you don't, like go off and do something else, like, stupid. Like, get it?"
    • "Yeah, sure, death is no big deal. Because life is just blah, blah, blah."
    • Nancy: what the hell am i gonna do with Shane? Silas: Take him to a shrink. Should've done it years ago. He's f**kin nuts" (season 3, episode "protection")

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