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Andy Botwin

Andy Botwin's Top Ten Most Shocking Moments:

Peeing on the Mother Plant
Enrolling in Rabbinical School to avoid deployment.
Asking Nancy to cut off his toe to avoid deployment, only to later become the victim of the toe-craving Mr. Sweaters.
Pretending to be gay to get his Weed-aholics Anonymous moderator to sponsor him.
Suggesting banana skins as a self-love gloves.
Hocking "Chris Died" shirts to school kids, then speeding off in his Jesus van and leaving Shane to take the blame.
Getting pulled over and arrested by a bike cop.
Letting Shane get abducted by his Alaskan psycho-ex, then chasing after them with Abumchuck, the Intuit bounty hunter.
Having a cybersexy 'deaf jam' with Silas' girlfriend.
The strap-on incident with Yael, the crazy Israeli.

Taking Shane to the massage parlor for a hand-job.

Becoming a coyote (aka El Andy) to cross illegals.

Top Ten Episodes of All Time:

When Nancy learns how to do a drive-by.
Celia is running for counsel and at the school discussing the 'say no to drugs' campaign and being exposed as a drunk by her daughter and Nancy's son.
Andy's crazy Alaskan girlfriend shows up.
When Nancy and Andy hookup and Doug delivers numerous hilarious lines.
Nancy hired the Spanish bodyguards to protect her and her family against the biker dudes for half the profits.
When Nancy gets a spanking from Esteban.
When Nancy & Conrad were in trouble after being busted by U-Turn and the Armenian dude's for their weed and the weed was missing and they needed money. Heylia went to a chair with a butcher knife, ripped it open and took out hands full of money.
Nancy danced for U-Turn's weed on the pool table for the Mexican guys.
Nancy and Conrad finally got together.
The season finale of Nancy at the other end of approximately 10 guns.

Top Ten Signs Your Neighbors Are Dealing:

11.people that come and go only stay for just a few minutes & don't visit like for a meal or dinner-in & out!
10.Suddenly, the quiet member of the block becomes the popular community member.
9.Your neighbor starts wearing sunglasses and non-descript clothing
8. Cars going in and coming out of their house at all hours of the night.
7. They come over and ask to borrow a scale that can register weight smaller than an ounce.
6. Always pay their rent in twenties and fifties.
5. The electric company checks their meter frequently.
4. There are boxes for hydoponic grow lamps in their recycling.
3. They invite you over for munchie night.
2. The car in their suburban driveway has tricked out rims.
1. Nancy Botwin is your Neighbour!

Weeds Top Ten Lists - Weeds Wiki

Top Ten Weed Munchies:

10+3: Pillsbury Warm, fresh from the oven, Cinnamon Rolls with Orange Icing ........... yum!
10+2. ZINGERS(the boston cream double stacked)
10+ Bing Cherries! (MLP's Favorite)
10. Cheetos!!!!!!!!!!
9. Macaroni and cheese
8. Chocolate cake
7. Frosted animal crackers (best stored in the freezer)
6. Cold pizza
5. Freshly baked chocolate cookies
4. Banana strawberry shake
3. Popcorn
2. Cheeseburger with a root beer float
1. Cornbread

Doug Wilson

Top Ten Doug Wilson Lines:

+ "At what point does CPR become necrophilia?"
+ "How cool would it be if there was a genie in this hookah?" "Not for him. He'd be on fire!"
10. A lot of baby boomers are baby bongers.
9. It's a weed wonderland, Nancy. It's like Amsterdam only you don't have to visit the Anne Frank house and pretend to be all sad and ****.
8. Don't look at me, I'm f@#ked up on cornbread!
6.Celia Hodes has chlamydia!
5. "The C*CK wants what it wants."
4."I'm also freakishly long, so just imagine how much of me was inside your wife."
1. "You suck dick Silas?"

Weeds Top Ten Lists - Weeds Wiki
Top ten shows that are more interesting with weed:
12. The Muppets Show
11.Californifacation (its right up there with weeds)
10+ The Donny and Marie Show
10. The Dick Van **** Show
9. Alice
One Day at a Time
7. Family Guy
6. Reba
5. The Simpsons
4. Aqua Teen Hunger Force
3. Good Times
2. Pee-Wee's Playhouse

Weeds Clever ditties

10.When Sanjay comes out of the closet.... and comes out of the closet.... literaly
9. When Andy and Doug ask Lupita "what the thing called
between the **** and the *******" she replies "the
coffee table"
8. When Nancy comments on Shane's recent taste for bananas.
7. When Celia calls Doug a bit** while walking out of his office
6.when doug shoots the golf with "wh***" and c***t through the window of the house Sullivan Groff was showing Celia
5. "That boy is gayer than a handbag full or rainbows!"
4.When Celia tells Isabell she better get up cause she doesnt want to be the fattest girl at fat camp.
3. When Celia tells Dean she fu**ed a black guy. CONRAD. Then Dean asks her was he bigger than me?

Weeds Top Ten Lists - Weeds Wiki

Top Ten Reasons to Watch Weeds:

11. It beats 98% of anything on the tv.
10. It beats anything on HBO.
9. It is the best show on Monday nights.
8.It brings me back to my days of dealing now that I'm in recovery & I live through the show vicariously, been there done that!
7.All the characters serve a clever purpose!! Great job!
6.ELizabeth Perkins (best actress ever)
5. Conrad's bare Buns of steel!
It's" high" on my list of shows to watch because it is just plain old great!! Love the music too!!
3. hysterical & comical.
2. Mary-Louise Parker!
1. It's a clever and brilliant history

Weeds Top Ten Lists - Weeds Wiki

Top"Oh, s@#t!" Weeds Moments:

12. When Nancy walked in to see a large cross in her entry way ... Oh ****!
11.When Peter guns Conrad down in the grow house yard and refrences himeslf as Agent WonderBread
10. Drive-by shoot-out at Heylia's house.
9. All the Pot replaced by a "Drug Free Zone" Sign
8. When Silas flips his trunk down and you see the cop and Celia...OH ****!
7. When doug gives it to Celia hard in the back Yard
6. When Doug and Andy destroy the house trying to kill the rat.
5. Celia drunk talking to the kids playing at the street
4. When Celia throws all of the weed into Nancy's pool. Oh ****.
3. When Heylia punches Nancy.
2. Peter being a DEA agent

1. Marven kills U-turn.

Top Ten Laugh Out Loud Moments (difficult, eh?):

10. Nancy's brick dance
9. The "oh no" song at the end of the DEA episode.
8. Doug and Dean's fight
7. Doug's dance in front of the sewage fountain.
6. When the murder mystery was an abortion.
5. Uncle Andy's "Self Love" lesson to Shane
4. Pam telling Silas that she was wet!
3. Doug and Dean's makeup wen they get locked in the bathroom
2. Andy - "C'mon I said SNOW N***A with and A"
1. Sober the Sasquatch!

1+. Doug asking if Silas sucks dick three times

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