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Born and raised in Israel, Meital graduated from Nissan Nativ, Israel’s prestigious
acting school, and has starred in many theater, television and film productions. She
earned Israeli Oscar nominations for her performances in God’s Sandbox
and Giraffes. She played a central comedy role in Ugliest Esti - the Israeli Ugly
Betty - which won the Israeli Emmy for Best Comedy Series. Meital won the Israeli
Tony for Most Promising New Actress in 2000 for her work in Best Friends, with
Israel’s renowned Cameri Theater. Notable credits include Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, Noga in Lice, Phoebe in As You Like It, and an award winning performance in Bad Children, in the starring role especially written for her by the celebrated Israeli playwright Edna Mazya.

Meital co-wrote and starred in the Israeli television show Screen Warriors. She has written several plays, which have been performed in both Israel and New York, including the original revue Love and Sex on the High Holidays with well-known Israeli singer Ivri Lider. She co-wrote and starred in the hilarious hit Bath Party at the Here Theatre in New York. In July 2007, Meital's first book, Love and Other Bad Habits was published in Israel. The third edition was recently donated to the women’s organization Lady’s Circle.

Meital Dohan captivated her American fan-base in her debut as the sexy rabbinical
scholar Yael Hoffman, in the Showtime television series Weeds. She recently starred as Abby in both the hit off-Broadway and LA productions of Anthony Neilson’s play
Stitching. John Ventimiglia of The Sopranos co-starred. The play was critically acclaimed on both coasts.

Meital divides her time between New York, L.A., and Tel Aviv. She is presently
working on several feature film projects, as well as an exciting new web series.
Meital Dohan s Yael HoffmanABOUT Yael Hoffman

Played by: Meital Dohan

Nicknames: Meital

Alias: N/A

Occupation: ----
Yeshiva's Administrative Director

Signature look: ----




Sullivan's story: ----

Talk about Yael Hoffman
Andy BotwinAndy Botwin
----When Andy Botwin decides to dodge the draft by becoming a rabbi, he enlists in a yeshiva. Yael Hoffman is the yeshiva's administrative director who eventually becomes Andy's lover. Their first sexual encounter can be remembered by fans of "Weeds"--Yael is the character who wore the large strap-on and gave it to Andy in the butt. The actress who plays Yael, Meital Dohan, is blonde, but for this role she had brown-reddish hair.
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  • S2-EP1
    -so, this has been very amusing, I wish you all the best in your life, and now I'm done.

    - you talk alot, and yet you say nothing.

    - really!? Someone holding a gun to your head saying be a rabbi or die?

    -you have 5 minutes to explain yourself and no more bullshit. And I'm wearing a bra, so stop looking for my nipples.

  • S2-EP6
    - Stop being a pussy.

    -don't forget to breathe.

  • S2-EP7
    -The was not bad...for a skinny gimp.

    -I have a life you know. I can't spend all day in bed, like some people.

    -you can't commit to anything can you?

    -I trusted you, I put my job on the line.

    - That dog should have bitten your dick off.

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